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    Indrid Cold / Indy

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    Marsh Deer (Blastocerus dichotomus)

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  • "It’s no secret that well-trained sheepdogs do a great job of protecting sheep from wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, and other predators. But what you might not realize is that those sheepdogs can help protect the predators as well. How do they do that? By providing an effective, cheaper and more humane alternative to more standard methods of predator control. In combination with sensible livestock management techniques such as fencing and corralling, guard dog breeds like Great Pyrenees, Komondors, and Anatolians can reduce sheep losses to predators dramatically — in some cases to near zero. And the dogs’ effectiveness at protecting sheep from predators means less reason for government agencies to kill those predators, which benefits a surprisingly wide variety of wildlife."
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    There are a lot of wonderful videos by Sophia Yin on Youtube.  This one came to mind after a conversation I had earlier about teaching fetch.  There are many, many more, from teaching new behaviors to stopping unwanted behaviors at her Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperBark1/videos


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    An Epic Waffle Union 

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  • I want to adopt this stoner dog immediately. Sammy is an 8 year old pomeranian mix located in Lancaster, PA available for adoption through Paws n Time Canine Rescue.

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    Tough Love: A Meditation On Dominance and Dogs

    This documentary has been made available for free, as dedication for Dr. Sophia Yin. Spread this like wildfire! 

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    Pollution linked to lethal sea turtle tumors

    Pollution in urban and farm runoff in Hawaii is causing tumors in endangered sea turtles, a new study finds.

    The study, published Tuesday in the peer-reviewed open-access journal PeerJ, shows that nitrogen in the runoff ends up in algae that the turtles eat, promoting the formation of tumors on the animals’ eyes, flippers and internal organs.

    Scientists at Duke University, the University of Hawaii and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) conducted the study to better understand the causes behind the tumor-forming disease Fibropapillomatosis, which is the leading known cause of death in green turtles, said Kyle Van Houtan, adjunct associate professor at Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment.

    "We’re drawing direct lines from human nutrient inputs to the reef ecosystem, and how it affects wildlife," said Van Houtan, who is also a scientist in NOAA’s Turtle Research Program.

    Caption: This image shows a sea turtle with tumors caused by fibropapillomatosis.Credit: Chris Stankis

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    HUG FRIENDS! I saw this book at Uwajimaya and fell in love - it’s all just pictures of polar bears hugging and playing with arctic breed doggies. It’s amazing!

    Polar bears can do a lot of damage very quickly and suddenly. Though I’m not 100% sure about each specific photo, the bottom one makes me slightly nervous because the dog, chained, seems to be being pulled?
    Does anyone have any information on this?
    Can I get input from Ry or Fei?

    dude i don’t think any legit responsible owner would let their dog just casually play with the world’s largest land apex predator. so even if that dog wasn’t chained or anything, no person who legitimately loves their pup would risk its life by a bear i mean come on. like, they’re not like us. a bear can’t be like ”ok this is dog body language and this is how i should change my own behavior in order for it to be more comfortable”. same goes for a dog. and since they can’t understand each other’s behavior like we do (most of the time) and since the bear is on top of that a wild apex predator, i wouldn’t call this actually cute in any circumstances. things can go wrong so very quickly, and since it’s actually p well known that people would blatantly disregard animal welfare when it comes to interspecies interaction that looks cute, i would declare this not. actually. cute.

    *slams with a gavel*

    If it’s the bear I think it is, then this bear returns to visit the sled dogs once every year to play with them and the dogs appear to enjoy it. The bear has been doing this for years and has never attempted to harm the dogs. 

    And while it’s true it is a dangerous situation for the dogs, it needs to be remembered these are working dogs, not pets, living out in remote and barren regions. These dogs are a vital necessity for many people to get around, and when not working the dogs need to be chained to prevent them from wandering off. Unfortunately dogs do sometimes get killed by bears, It’s just one of the risks of living in areas with bears and doesn’t make their owners irresponsible. What else are sled dog owners supposed to do? These dogs are not house pets and kennels and fences are simply impractical (and wouldn’t keep out a determined bear anyway.) Chaining them is the only option they have. 

    If a bear does approach a dog there is little that can be done to stop them other than shooting them, however most dog attacks happen at night when no one is around to witness it. Climate change is actually a big cause of this sort of thing happening. With the sea ice melting faster and taking longer to reform, the bears spend longer and longer periods without their natural food sources and are forced to enter human settlements to kill dogs and even scavenge garbage.

    I deleted my last post on this by accident.

    I think these photos were taken by Norbert Rosing, but there are plenty of stories of polar bears killing sled dogs, even after displaying “play” behaviours.